Red Rivalry
Basic info
Gender male
Species ponynoid (Redstone pony looking robot thing)
Weapon of choice Whatever is available to use.
Defining trait Tough, and music loving.
Biggest Secret N/A

Silver Static Powers (SSP)Edit

Silver Static Powers or SSPs are Red's Special Powers.


  • In early artwork of him, he is depicted having white tipped ears.
  • It's been confirmed that the inspiration for his coloration is Proto Man.
    • In Community Central chat of course.
  • Since Chapter 33 of the RP, Red has received armor (created by Dark he wears when needed to)
    • The armor resembles the spirit armor from Animal Jam.
      • One of the wrist pieces looks like a cominbation of the long spike wristband, and the spirit armor from Animal Jam.
  • Since chapter 36 of the RP, he has special headphones that allow him to transform into a demon-like form.
    • These headphones are a permanent part of his character since they were introduced.