Whistler the Inkling
2015-09-19 00001
Basic info
Gender Female
Species Inkling
Weapon of choice Custom-Painted AK-47, Modified Glock
Defining trait Isn't really social unless it's related to her friends (Energy's team)
Biggest Secret Likes to make mods for games, especially old ones

Whistler is a 27 year old Inkling that has been locked at 27 for 3 centuries and hasn't changed appearance wise, well, except for the part in 1752 which is why she's a female inkling

Trivia Edit

  •  She Drives a 1934 Chevy Coupe. It is black and red with a Fire decal on the side. (Basic idea of the design of a '34 chevy coupe:
  •  Her TV is an RCA Color TV from 1957
  •  She mostly likes to kill, though she only does it when it's needed to
  •  She has been a victim of "Long-Exposure" to the older portals from 1786 - 1826, Though she has learned to control where she teleports now.